New Free Ceiling Fan Concierge Service with Kevin Calkin

Just as when you're in a strange city and you don't know where to go or what to do, you turn to the hotel concierge (who knows the city well) for ideas and recommendations for how to spend your money and time for your best enjoyment. The concierge saves you research time and guides you to solutions you might have missed since he has travelled the city extensively himself and has already helped hundreds (or thousands?) in situations like yours.

Like the hotel concierge who knows his city well, Kevin Calkin has spent his entire professional life living with and knowing ceiling fans. He has guided thousands of customers to fans they've loved for years. He knows what ones to be wary of and which to embrace. He's funny and a delight work with but is tough in tracking down or avoiding problems, just like any good concierge.

And, the best thing? The help is free, saves you time, and you're not required to follow his suggestions.

Here is how our Ceiling Fan Concierge Service works:

  1. Open an email to [email protected]
  2. Tell us what you're looking for in a ceiling fan. (Using the questions below as a template is helpful.)
  3. Kevin will send you a starting point set of usually 10 or more links for fans he thinks you might like and knows to be well-made.
  4. You can go through the links at your leisure and decide what you like and don't like.
  5. When you're ready to discuss these, respond to Kevin's email and let him know a few good times to talk.

Questions for you to answer

Kevin needs a starting point to understand what you're looking for. You can copy and paste the following questions into your email and insert your answers there:

  • Location of fan (1-Dry environment, 2-Damp environment: bathroom or sheltered outdoors, 3-Wet environment: taking direct rain or snow):
  • Light (With or Without Light? Include details):
  • Finish/Color:
  • Style (Modern, Traditional, Unique, Other):
  • Room Size (Sq Ft or Dimensions. Blade Span if you already know it):
  • Ceiling Height:
  • Anything else you care about (Airflow, Unusual layout, Energy saving, etc.):
  • Contact (Your name, phone number or email, and good times for a call):

About Kevin Calkin

Kevin has devoted decades of his life to thoroughly knowing ceiling fans and understanding customer needs. Top brand manufacturers have turned to Kevin for years as they consider new fans or ideas. They appreciate his inherent honesty and exceptional knowledge of ceiling fan performance, value, and design.

Our founder realized that as a local store our existence depended on outstanding customer care. Kevin made it happen and drove our store to become the largest independent ceiling fan store in the U.S.

Part of the reason for Kevin’s success is his ability to provide good pricing and outstanding customer service to large professional and hospitality customers both nationally and internationally. He has been naturally providing ceiling fan concierge style service for large customers for decades:

  • He provides detailed info for the initial search or to meet the requirements list given to him.
  • He knows and recommends quality fans.
  • He always tests top fans in the store and in his own or family’s homes so that he knows what he recommends.
  • He negotiates honestly and fairly with both customers and manufacturers.
  • He stays on top of manufacturer delivery quantities and timing.
  • Hiccups are rare, but when they happen, he is tireless in resolving them.

Kevin is naturally fun-loving and professionally careful. People who know him love working with him.