Why is a niche ceiling fan store important?

Why a niche Ceiling Fan Store? — a parallel example

I recently had a gardening problem, and the products I’d purchased from our local big box store were simply not working. So, I gave in and visited a Garden Center I’d driven past for years and found instant professional help. The salesman I spoke to knew all about soil types and gardening issues. He also knew what was in the products I’d been using and what the long-term effects of using them would be, and he was right.

Relief hit me as I grasped the solution to my specific problems; and then I suddenly saw the clear parallel to the relief and excitement I’d seen in so many customers at our ceiling fan store. When customers first come in, they’re tentative and a little overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of fans hanging throughout our store. As they are greeted by a salesperson who explains the layout of the store, they start to relax and begin to either thoughtfully browse on their own or ask questions. By the time I see them at the checkout counter they are clearly relieved and excited, grinning and chatting with anyone around.

The Experience of Our Ceiling Fan Customers

Our Trading Post ceiling fan store customers often come in with specific concerns whether it be simply wanting a designer quality showpiece, having an oddly shaped room or ceiling, or concern about an open patio with mosquitoes. Sometimes they simply want to understand the key aspects of ceiling fans and air flows before they purchase. Each person has a slightly different situation, and they usually don’t have time to read the literature to figure it out for themselves – if their specific information even exists.

Speaking to an actual authority on the topic saves time in the purchase process but also long-term grief or expense. The first mistake I feared with my garden was selecting the wrong plants and then having to tear them out, re-purchase, and then plant again. The parallel to our ceiling fan customers was clear. They know that re-hanging a ceiling fan requires either extra hours of do-it-yourself labor or a second visit from their electrician. Accidentally selecting the wrong fan is not a mistake they want to make.

My biggest fear though, was living for years with a sub-standard experience in my yard. My yard has some tricky aspects and I wanted to be water conscious and still provide an attractive and pleasant experience for ourselves and our guests. I was looking at making large changes which wouldn’t be easy to un-do, and rather than tear it out and start over, I would likely have to live with my decisions for years.

In the same way, our customers often come in fearful of making a bad decision. Sub-standard experiences with ceiling fans can be grinding - such as a noisy ceiling fan that interferes with movie watching, conversation, or sleep. Or one that has a gale-force effect on those directly beneath it while not even reaching those across the room. Or an indoor fan installed outdoors or in a damp bathroom which gets corroded and works intermittently. The list of complaints we get from those who purchased elsewhere and are looking for solutions is endless. Many times problems stem from something they didn't realize could be an issue or they took advice from a journalist's article somewhere. The best way to avoid later ceiling fan issues is before the purchase to have knowledgeable help from someone who has worked with ceiling fans for years -- owning, installing, trouble-shooting, selling, and after-sale customer service -- as all of our sales team have done.

But, I don't live in Huntington Beach or even California...

Another nice aspect of our store, which isn’t often found elsewhere, is that the same sales staff who helps in-store customers also answers the phone and responds to email questions from people throughout the world. Combining browsing our online ceiling fan website along with talking to a salesperson by phone or email is helpful. Some people prefer placing their order over the phone. Others will drive long distances from cities and counties far away since they know our selection is amazing and our knowledge is deep -- a true One-Stop-Shop.

But, aren't Retail prices always more expensive than Online?

A sometimes unknown tidbit is that most top brand ceiling fans have minimum prices set by the manufacturer. We always try to sell our fans at the lowest legitimate price anywhere, and we price match anytime that is not the case. In addition, we have occasional In-Person-Store-Sales that cannot be shown online, but manufacturers allow us to offer them "In Person" whether at the store or by phone. What this means is that our help truly is actually "free".

Give us a try

Either way we are here to help and have been doing so since 1980. Call us at 877-724-2326. International customers can call 714-848-4353. Email: [email protected].