How did a small retail store become America's Largest Independent Ceiling Fan Store?

Who we are - "Small but Mighty"

One of the few ceiling fan specialty stores in the U.S., we have been called "Small, but Mighty" (see side bar). We have focused on ceiling fans as a niche since the mid 1980's, had one of the first ceiling fan websites, and became a successful destination store drawing customers throughout Southern California.

We have:

  1. Over 200 premium working fans on display,
  2. Salesmen who stand second to none in their knowledge of ceiling fans,
  3. A large on-hand inventory with online access to thousands of fans from top manufacturers,
  4. A complete Design Your Own Fan section of the store,
  5. A fully certified Ceiling Fan Service Department, and
  6. Unrivaled Customer Service.
  • Emerson Fan Company said that of the few ceiling fan specialty stores in the U.S The Trading Post outsells them all:

    • There arc millions of ceiling fans throughout America that move air, provide light and make a significant fashion statement for a homes decor. Yet only a handful of specialty stores deal exclusively with ceiling fans.
    • Russ Klingel, director of sales at Emerson Fan Company. a high-end manufacturer that produced its lint ceiling fan in 1895. estimated there are perhaps 20 such stores in the United States. The one that outsells them all is the .year-old Trading Post Fan Company in Huntington Beach.

"Makers of superior quality ceiling fans hold the Trading Post Fan Company in high regard because although it has only one location, it has sold more fans than any other fan specialty store in America. Its staff has a reputation among better quality fan manufacturers for knowing as much about the products as the manufacturers, according to officials from several fan companies."

Each of us at The Trading Post knows and loves ceiling fans, and the desire to share that love has spurred the success we have achieved over the years.

What Top Brands Have Said About Us:

  • Emerson

    Honest, product knowledge, in-tune with consumer concerns, valuable resource for Brand

    Russ Klingel, Director of Sales for Emerson Fans:

    • "We love dealing with the Trading Post Fan Company because from a reputation standpoint, it doesn't get any better,"Klingel said. "They tell the truth - they're very honest when it comes to saying why they recommend one fan over another. I can't think of a better company when it comes to product knowledge in its sales staff. They're more in tune with day-to-day consumer concerns than the manufacturers are. They're a valuable resource for a company like Emerson."

  • Minka Aire

    Fans require specialized knowledge, Staff knows fans, Staff asks then recommends best for customer

    Martin Shepherd, National Sales Manager for Minka Aire, said the Trading Post Fan Company is a treasure for manufacturers and consumers alike:

  • Casablanca

    Knowledgeable staff, Valuable feed-back to brand

    Casablanca's Vice President of Marketing, John Pearson:

  • Hunter

    Well-trained, know the features and benefits of each product

    Bill O'Connor, Director of Sales for Hunter Fan Company:

  • Fanimation

    After sale support of both customer and product

    Fanimation National Sales Manager, Tom Underwood:

    Largest display in the region, Customizable fans, Has fan accessories including controls

    Fanimation Dealer Spotlight:

    • Trading Post Fan Company, which has been in business for 38 years, has the largest fan display in the region—more than 200 fans for customers to see! At Trading Post Fan Company, customers don't just buy a fan, they can design a fan, too. Their Customizable Design Center offers unique colors, blades and styles to choose from—along with various remote and wall control features.

  • Monte Carlo

    One of the broadest selections in North America, one of the most knowledgeable sales staffs anywhere

    Monte Carlo Director of Sales, Tom Gray:

What makes us special?

Our core values were developed early and remain with us to this day.

  1. Always keep a deep selection of fans as the driving force of the store
  2. Ensure sales staff can provide thorough and honest info on our fans
  3. Always have a large stock of inventory on hand and more available online
  4. Only sell fans by top quality manufacturers
  5. Maintain a wide selection of accessories for fans
  6. Pricing must always be competitive
  7. Take care of customers whether purchasing a fan or finding issues years later.
  8. Keep returns easy and at no cost
  9. Maintain a certified Ceiling Fan Service Center
  10. Keep the buying process enjoyable