Are Expensive Ceiling Fans Worth It?

With Ceiling Fans the most important parts are often the ones you cannot see!

Many of the best ceiling fans have the following characteristics:

  • Quality craftsmanship

    – High value ceiling fans are designed and engineered with a passion for excellence and attention to detail bringing superior beauty and performance to life.

  • High quality materials

    are used, making the fan sturdily built to be quieter and last longer.

  • Superior finishes

    bring noticeably added luster, depth, and lasting durability. High quality metal processing allows for jewel like finishes to be applied with lifetime lasting results.

  • Bigger, high-quality motors

    move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. Larger motors typically have higher CFM ratings indicating the number of cubic feet of air a fan moves in a minute. Also, a larger motor on low speed can gently move more air over a larger area than the gale force feel of a smaller motor on high speed.

  • Real wooden blades

    avoid the warping, shaking, and squeaking common in cheaper particle board blades.

  • Virgin die-cast metal housings and parts

    are often used to give strength, absorb vibration, and lessen noise. This metal is from commercially pure forms rather than recycled metals or scraps. Its higher integrity makes it more durable which helps prevent blades holders and other parts from bending, twisting, flexing, breaking, corroding, or transferring vibrations.

  • Unique and innovative design

    – Top manufacturers spend significant effort researching and creating stylish and functional fans to bring air comfort to your home. They are the style leaders.

Unsure which features are in the fans you are considering?

The Trading Post Fan Company knows the quality aspect of each fan we sell. We have focused on selling nothing but ceiling fans since 1980, we carry fans from all the top manufacturers, and we have been the largest single ceiling fan store in the U.S. Since we also have a certified Ceiling Fan Repair Center on-site, we are well-acquainted with the inner workings of a fan.

Ceiling fans are at the heart of everything we do.

Let our experts help guide you to find the perfect fan for all of your rooms among the many choices and unpublished options available. We care about ensuring your satisfaction and happiness for a lifetime.

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